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If you are looking for a professional company to assist you with keeping your office clean, look no further.

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Contract Cleaning

We understand how important it is to have a reliable cleaning company. This is why we have started contract cleaning where you can choose the timetable that best suits you and we will regularly come and clean the premises. We always have contingency plans in case some of our staff get sick so that you can always get the reliable service that you deserve.

We cover all areas of commerce. Contact us to get a plan that best suits your business.

Office Cleaning

Nobody wants to work in a dirty place. This is why we provide office cleaning services, where you choose the time and place and we will make sure that your office is in the best condition possible. This includes (but is not limited to) us:

  • Dusting all desks
  • Cleaning communal areas such as kitchens
  • Refreshing the bathrooms and sterilizing them
  • Vacuuming / mopping the floors
  • Taking out the trash
  • Getting rid of any spiders

Pubs / Restaurants

In an industry where every penny counts, hospitality businesses are balancing a very tight budget. With most cleaning happening out of working hours or overnight, we can tailor our services to your individual needs.

We offer a client-centric management approach, coupled with an outstanding professional cleaning team and a competitive pricing structure that delivers real value for money.

  • Back of the house cleaning which includes (but not limited to): kitchen and equipment deep clean, kitchen extraction ventilation cleaning, cleaning walk-in refrigerators, staff toilets
  • Front house cleaning which includes (but is not limited to): Entrance areas, bar cleans, standing and seating areas, floor cleaning, mopping, carpet & upholstery cleaning, customer's toilets.

Floor Cleaning

We provide high quality floor cleaning. With specialized machinery we take off all the layers of dirt and apply polish to make sure that your floor stays clean and safe longer. Our professionals have been specially trained to carry out this work, therefore you can always expect for your floor to get the best care possible. This includes:

  • Washing, vacuuming and mopping the floor (in preparation for the floor machine)
  • Washing the floor with the floor buffer/scrubber/polisher and applying polish

Carpet Cleaning

Clean Portsmouth provides high quality carpet cleaning with many years of experience in this sector we know every carpet and can clean it like nobody else. With hot water treatment and specialized solutions, we can take all the dirt out and make sure that your carpet is clean. This service includes:

  • Vacuuming the carpet (in preparation for the carpet machine)
  • Washing the carpet with the carpet machine
  • Drying the carpet with fans (that help with the air flow)

After Builders Cleaning

At Clean Portsmouth we provide after builders cleaning service where we deep clean the house ready for sale. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Dusting everything
  • Kitchen: cleaning cupboards, washing the fridge, washing machine
  • Bathrooms: cleaning the bathrooms
  • Bedrooms: Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, washing the walls
  • Cleaning all doors
  • Vacuuming / mopping the floors.
  • Washing the windows from the inside (you can also add on window cleaning from outside)

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