Who we are?

Clean Portsmouth is a fast growing company with a wide range of jobs to offer. We provide the best quality cleaning services and as a result require professional cleaners. If you choose to work with us you can expect being rewarded with: great pay, relaxed working environment and a flexible schedule.

Most of the jobs that we offer are self-employed meaning that you have control. However, we also do full-time jobs (please check the description of the job that you are applying for).

We understand that if we take care of our employees then the employees will do a good job and everyone will be happy, therefore we take any suggestions onboard constantly trying to make our workplace the best it can be.

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Clean Portsmouth is a fast growing company which means that new opportunities constantly come up. Therefore, we have created a system where you can apply before a job even comes up and as soon as the job does open up we will contact you first to see if you are still interested.

You can apply using either one of the methods below. If you need any help in applying or have any questions before applying, do not hesitate. Contact us by using the contact page send us and email on hr@cleanportsmouth.co.uk

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